Over the past three years, our team has worked tirelessly to provide smart social marketers with the best content, insights, and advertising applications, built on the industry’s most powerful platform.  Unified’s 600+ customers have used the Social Operating Platform to drive incredible results on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond, with their data residing in our authoritative system of record.

We’ve also learned a lot about consumer behavior.  In particular, we know that social sharing isn’t limited to what happens within the major social platforms. Content that is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is then often emailed, shared via instant message, or sent to friends via text messages.  This sharing is inherently social, but has essentially been invisible, since to date no one has been able to measure it effectively. That changes today.

Unified has acquired awe.sm, a social media measurement platform that supports attribution, conversion and social action tracking across all marketing channels.  awe.sm has developed incredible technology that makes all social behavior measurable, across social, mobile, digital, and offline channels.

Unified is also now providing an open API platform which allows us to provide customers with unprecedented visibility into their paid and owned media data along with cross-channel social measurement as an infrastructure as a service. This will enable brands, agencies, technology vendors, media publishers, content producers, and influencers the ability to build multi-generational social measurement into the foundation of their offerings.

Leveraging Unified’s system of record and our patent-pending Earned Media Measurement Framework, ALL market platforms - including publishing platforms, social advertising companies, traditional display and search providers, television marketers, and out of home solutions - have the potential to measure the powerful referral traffic generated via social channels.

We’ll also be able to measure the referral traffic from paid and owned channels that drive increased adoption and installs of mobile applications – a trend that is top of mind with Facebook’s launch of deep linking at f8.

Unified is now positioned to become the central system of record for the marketing ecosystem to standardize on as social referrals become the standard currency of the web. We couldn’t be more excited to drive this future forward into the market.

Our press release and FAQ contain full details.